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Renovation Project

Roofless and crumbling a decade ago, it’s been a labour of love to raise the ruin to a world-class standard of accommodation, honouring its setting.  It had been tempting to enter it in ‘Grand Designs’, recognising its architectural merit and exposed location; but it was enough that the architect and Skye’s most honourable builder and his team had to cope with the elements and the challenge of drying out the four-foot walls without the intrusion of cameras.   The project had been estimated to take six months – but, in the event, took two years.  Vision and stoical determination won through and good humour almost always prevailed.

No expense has been spared in creating the most spectacular romantic, luxury retreat for two people.  Built within the footprint of the original structure, the stonework has been restored giving contemporary elegance and comfort within a sturdy stone cottage, built to withstand the rigours of the Atlantic setting.