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Guestbook comments

'Fulfilled our every expectation - quiet, remote, luxurious'   Euan and Katrina, Dumfries    March 2012

'What better place to come back to after spending our days out exploring the Isle of Skye'   Andy and Rachel, Yorkshire  February 2012

'Carol - you have set a benchmark for others to aspire to - simply the best place we have ever stayed'   Jim and Annie,  Perthshire,  February 2012

'Rain and hail to welcome in the New Year - no better place to be!  White-tailed eagles from the breakfast table!  PS - the Christmas tree was an inspired touch..'    Frank and Jayne, Derbyshire   January 2012

'A week of spectacular winter storms!  The Boathouse was the perfect sanctuary - cosy and welcoming.  No need to go outside'      Gerry and Xiao, London  November 2011

'We've truly had a 5 star stay for our honeymoon - thank you'  Fiona and Karl,  Angus, Scotland    November 2011

'We .............managed to see a little bit of the surrounding landscape, which charmed us too - if less than the cottage!'    Claude and Janine, Luxembourg  November 2011

'Such comfort in such an incredible location; we have never encountered its equal in many years of extensive travel'     Steve and Jackie,  Merseyside,  UK  October 2011

'A perfect honeymoon hideaway; our first visit to Skye and we don't want to go home'   Andrew and Tracey, UK  Oct 2011

'Beautiful, peaceful place - the sunsets were breathtaking'   Kenn and Mary,  Milton Keynes, UK   Sept 2011

'We could not have picked a better place for our honeymoon.  I cried when I came over the hill and saw it - simply fabulous'      Hannah and Paul,  Peterborough, UK  Sept 2011

'We had a perfect time - enjoyed every second, despite lots of rain!'   Anne and Justus, Germany    Sept 2011

'Still perfect!'         Linda and George,    Fife,  Scotland   Sept 2011

'The Boathouse is so cleverly restored.....a perfect retreat'      Eleanor and Bill,   Moffat, Scotland   August 2011

'Arriving here is like coming home;  it's like staying in paradise....'   Andy and Ann-Margaret,  Switzerland   Aug 2011

'The bathroom deserves to be one of Skye's features'    Linda and Peter,  London, UK    August 2011

'Thank you for saving this boathouse and sharing it with us'  Tom and Anne,  Charlotte, MI, USA   August 2011

'A perfect place to watch the wildlife and enjoy the scenery - hope to be back!'  Pollycarp and Riona,  London  July 2011

'Kingsburgh will be a wonderful memory of the start of our married life'  Mark and Heather, Lancashire  July 2011

'A very special place - perfect for unwinding and enjoying this beautiful island'  Brian and Rosemary, Aberdeen   July 2011

'Absolutely perfect - so fantastic we didn't want to leave'   Haley and Jared, Chicago, USA  July 2011

'Beautiful, peaceful location; seal, hares, buzzards and oyster catchers at the Boathouse'  Emma and Simon,  Kent  June 2011

'Wow! Stunning location.  The conversion of the Boathouse has a fairy tale end'  John and Barbara, Northumberland   June 2011

'Love the art and the colour of the textiles - everything is wonderful!'     Viv and Malcolm,  Sheffield     June 2011

'We have never felt so comfortable or at home so quickly on a holiday'    Naomi and Steve, Biggleswade      June 2011

'We have had a fantastic holiday - sorry to be leaving tomorrow'  Patricia and NigelBerwick    May 2011

'You have a superb house here - we had a wonderful time, in spite of the weather'   Liz and Robert,  St Albans      May 2011

‘A perfect, beautiful and secluded place with the most wonderful views’     Sarah and David,  Sidcup,  Kent       May 2011

'I was here in the Big Freeze; cosier than anywhere else in Scotland - and with better views!'   Lesley R, Fife     Dec 2010

'Hypnotised by the changing colour of the water'         John and Louisa,  Bucks    Nov 2010

The photographs do not do it justice - absolutely stunning!'   Beverley and Andy,  London    Sept 2010

'Wow! Fantastic location – love the peace and quiet.  This place is beautiful and special – wish I lived here!'
Mr & Mrs McG, Fife, Scotland    Sept 2010

‘Stunning location – congratulations to Carol on the fantastic restoration of this beautiful boathouse.  The weather’s been great; some amazing sunsets’
Mr & Mrs C , Bristol     Sept 2010

‘Beautiful location and wonderful setting; buzzards, kestrels and seabirds….’
Mr & Mrs H, Kent     Aug 2010

 Beautiful location, mesmerising sunsets, great weather and the best hospitality'  A & N, Rome, Italy     Aug 2010

Honoured to be the first honeymoon couple here; we had a fantastic time - will definitely come back'     Mr & Mrs H, Oxfordshire     Aug 2010

‘A peaceful and relaxing location – no need for TV.  About 20 species of birds, as well as otters and seals’
Mr & Mrs C, Gloucestershire     Aug 2010

'We've seen the otters too - and sunsets quite breathtaking'     Mr & Mrs N,   Glasgow  July 2010

‘We watched seals, eagles, herons and hares……and 4 hours watching 3 otters from the dining room table.  Despite the awful weather, it has been wonderful’
Mr & Mrs K, Cumbria     July 2010

‘A gorgeous house; fantastic place to stay and watch the eagles.  Chilled, relaxed and happy – we’ll be back’
Mark & Mary, England     June 2010

‘An unparalleled place – overwhelming and fun and splendid.  When depressed, I’ll think of here’
JSW, Jnr, Los Angeles, USA     May 2010

‘This is a stunning place – the décor, the setting, the silence.  A great gift of hospitality’
Robin, Spain     May 2010

‘Honoured to be the first guests in this incredible place’
Mr & Mrs W ; Paris, France      May 2010 

‘A fantastic place to stay for our first visit to Skye – wonderfully finished, everything we could ask for.  Happy Easter, Carol!’       Becky and Mark , Essex       April 2011


‘A wonderful place to stay on honeymoon’     Sarah and Michael,   Leeds   April 2011


‘Very comfortable and beautifully furnished – 4 peaceful days on a magical island’   Yvonne and Simon,   Edinburgh     April 2011


‘The storms added to the romance of this little piece of paradise; as an architect, I appreciate the quality’    Rob and Angela,  Manchester     April 2011


‘Thank you for creating such a luxurious place to stay for our honeymoon – lots of

extra special touches’   Emily and Will,  Bournemouth   April 2011


‘Far exceeded our expectations – wonderful attention to detail.  Truly five star!  We note you are consistently booked for the next few months – absolutely justified’  MDR, Edinburgh     March 2011


‘We echo all the other comments – a wonderful retreat to explore Skye’    Matthew and Sandra,   Cheshire and Germany   March 2011 


‘So lucky to have found Kingsburgh – hard to leave the comfort of the cottage!  Glad we extended our stay’    Chris and Pauline, Chester    March 2011


‘A perfect place to stay for a Scottish winter break and a  great place to come back to after a wet and windy walk’    Laura and Colin,   Sheffield       Feb 2011

'A fantastic place in every way - hope to see you later in the year'   Graham and Claudia,  Hants    Feb 2011

'An amazing place by the water - just like a fairy tale!'  Damian and Ola, Germany    Jan 2011


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