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Chilling Out

Watching the tide from the rocks on a summer evening is a guaranteed way to lose the stress of a busy professional life.  As the site is exposed and not too humid, ‘no-see-um midges’ are a problem only occasionally.  At full moon periods, the tidal range above the loch from the ‘Sentinel Rock’ is some 5 metres; care is needed, which is why the boathouse is not really suitable for children.  From the seaward windows, the loch feels close enough to reach – there can almost be the sensation of being at sea.  Enterprising guests are welcome to bring bikes, or even kayaks; locally, kayaks can be hired from , less than half an hour north of Kingsburgh.  For a special treat, consider a massage or aromatherapy treatment at - just 20 minutes from Kingsburgh - a perfect indulgence after a day on the hills.   

Winter visits can also be special – the cottage will always be cosy.  Even an Atlantic storm has its own special magic – just close the interlined plaid curtains and hope that the electricity won’t be cut off.  At least the logs won’t run out.  The risk might be that after snow and a freeze, the downhill track might not offer an exit without the benefit of the good neighbours’ tow chains.  The snow tyres I purchased a couple of years ago have operated as a top-grade insurance scheme as we've had no snow for three winters now....